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Dorcich Family Vineyards

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Welcome to Dorcich Family Vineyards, located in the beautiful Uvas Valley.

We are positioned in the southern end of Santa Clara County and just a short distance from Monterey Bay and the Bay Area of California. Experience our estate vineyard setting with the Uvas Creek that flows through the property and the spectacular vines surrounding it. In this unique terrain our grapes thrive and welcome the foggy mornings, hot dry days and cool nights.

Our story begins in 1897 , when our great grandfather sailed from Croatia with plans to do what he knew best, work hard as a farmer and create roots for his family in America. Three generations later, we carry on his passion for farming and commitment to family by working together to create wines he would be proud and pleased to drink.

Today, you’ll find our father and brother Nicholas, working side-by-side to farm the land and manage the vineyards. The rest of the family is involved in business operations and we work together to support our father’s commitment to sustainable, environmentally conscious farming and wine growing.

Our Wine Selections

The Dorcich Family Vineyards Team​

Our story begins in 1897

  • Stephen N. Dorcich – Wine Grower
  • Terah Bajjalieh – Winemaker
  • Colleen Gibson – DTC Sales Manager

Love for the Land

The Ranch - Estate Vineyard

Located in the southern end of the Santa Clara Valley. 50 acres of Rocky alluvial soil with deposits of sandstone yielding Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Mourvedre, Malbec, Chardonnay.

As farmers and landowners, we love the land and are ever mindful of giving back to the land what the grapes take out each year.

Environmental stewardship comes naturally because it makes sense for our business, our family, and our community.

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