About Us

Over the past few years, many challenges have been introduced to the Bay Area, including the California wildfires and COVID-19—leading to financial hardships for farmers, students, and their families. The Touch-A-Life Foundation has partnered with Besson Family Vineyards to give back to those in need.

The idea started one night over dinner and wine, when the Gundavelli and Besson families were discussing their shared appreciation for supporting the underprivileged within their communities. With both families originating outside of the United States—India and France respectively—we have a deep understanding of the struggles and hardships that are impacting local families within our communities.

The Gundavelli family started the Touch-A-Life Foundation in 2012, founded on the principle that helping others is good for society. We leverage technologies such as blockchain, AI, social media and mobile applications to connect those in need, with those willing to give.

The Besson family immigrated to the United States in the early 1900’s, settling in the city of Gilroy, California, then population 2,800. Using his life savings, Jean Auguste Besson purchased the land that has remained in the family for five generations. With some of the oldest vineyards in Santa Clara County today, Besson Family Vineyards is the home to acres of Chardonnay, Grenache, Mission, Mourvedre, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Zinfandel. These grapes have been used in many award-winning wines produced by such wineries as Birichino, I. Brand, David Bruce, Bonny Doon, Calera, Orin Swift, and Sarah’s Vineyard.

Today, Besson Family Vineyards is run by Jean Auguste’s grandson George Besson Jr., great granddaughter Denise Besson, and son-in-law James Fahey. For the first time in the family’s history, Besson Family Vineyards is bottling under the family name—an exclusive, direct to consumer lineup of red and white premium wines. Quality control through meticulously hand tended vineyards year-round, and attention to detail from vine to bottle, ensures an exceptional wine experience.  

Purchase a three or six bottle box of wines from Besson Family Vineyards and 25% of your purchase will go back to the Touch-A-Life Foundation to directly support local farmers in need who have been affected by California wildfires and COVID-19, as well as students within the California School Districts, who are in need of housing, clothing, food, or supplies assistance.


TALWines is currently available to California residents only. We hope to expand to other states soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Shipping lead times are approximately 3-5 business days from the time your order is received.

Yes, absolutely! TALWines from Besson Family Vineyards make for an excellent gift with love going into every bottle made by the Besson family, your gift will embody the love, kindness and inspiration that the Besson family story and mission bring. Note that all wine must be signed for by an adult 21 or older upon delivery.

This is why we ask for your phone number. If there are any problems with the delivery of your wine, the carrier will contact you with details to reschedule the delivery or arrange for a pick-up at a carrier facility. And remember, the signature of an adult 21 or older is required to pick up wine.

By purchasing Besson Family Vineyards wine through TALWines, Besson donates 25% of your purchase to the general Touch-A-Life Foundation fund set up to support local farmers and low-income students in need. These funds help support regular partnerships with McKinney-Vento programs in the Bay Area, Food Pantries and more. Learn more about the Touch-A-Life Foundation mission here.

No, you are actually purchasing wine from Besson Family Vineyards who is donating 25% of that purchase to TAL. However, donations made to TAL directly through TALGiving are Tax deductible.

Paypal, credit card and debit card (visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) payments are accepted.

Order online through https://touchalife.org/TALWines. Make your purchase selection and fill out a quick form with relevant billing and shipping information. You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase is processed.

If you experience any issues with the website or the order you have placed you can write us at talwines@touchalife.org